What is a virtual tour ?

A virtual tour is a series of 360 degree panoramas simulated to display interactively on a screen, where the viewer feels he/she are in the photograph and can navigate around it, experiencing the locations as if they are actually there.

Who uses virtual tours ?

Hotels and restaurants in particular have benefited from virtual tours in recent years due to being able to visually demonstrate their facility much better. This reassures potential diners/guests and leads to an increase in bookings. Virtual tours have traditionally been used for the housing market or travel industry.  However due to popularity on the internet, the true benefits of virtual tours are being realised from photojournalism to construction jobs, before and after virtual tours.

Why should I have a virtual tour ?

You should have a virtual tour so that your customers can have as a realistic experience as possible from the comfort of there own home.  Market research demonstrates increasingly savvy computer users now expect a virtual tour when they go onto a website. Virtual tours are proven to engage your web visitors for longer meaning more time to view your products and facilities.

How do I display a virtual tour ?

A virtual tour can easily be displayed and styled to suit your existing website without any extra cost or hassle.  All virtual tour are compatible with Adobe Flash Player, which is commonly installed as a web browser plug-in.

How do I order a virtual tour ?

Just email us or call with your project plan. We will talk you through your options and where possible arrange a short meeting to discuss your virtual tour and show our portfolio of special effects.  A quote is then prepared and a shoot date confirmed.  Then leave the rest to us.

How much does a virtual tour cost ?

Not much, from as little as 120€ for 2 rooms to significantly more for more involved shoots and bigger programming and web design requirements.  Let us know your ideas, budget, and requirements! We are prepared to be a lot more competitive price wise than any other virtual tour provider !

How long does it take to photograph a virtual tour ?

Depending on number of panoramas in your virtual tour the shot process may take up to two hours.  Typically we shoot 15 images for each panorama and often have be quick to avoid people from appearing several times in the same panorama.

How should I prepare locations before the shoot ?

Its a special shot intended to show off how delightful a location is.  Therefore have a fresh look at your location and see if their are any particular features you would like to exhibit.

How long does it take to program a virtual tour ?

This depends on the content being added to the tour, i.e. maps, compass, animations, etc.  It is safe to expect the virtual tour to be programmed between 2 and 7 days.

What features can I have in a virtual tour ?

There are many features that can be included in a virtual tour.  We encourage our clients to be imaginative as we create unique bespoke virtual tours that set us apart from other virtual tour companies.  Features that can be included in your virtual tour are: text, logos, hotspots, 3D hotspots, splash screen, navigation bar, images, maps, Google map, compass, music, animation, auto camera direction, and film.

How do you deliver the virtual tour ?

We will send a DVD with your project by mail or send files by email, or we can upload directly to your website.

What areas do you cover ?

Mostly Ireland and Poland but we can work Worldwide.

Can I use the 360 degree panoramic images ?

The panoramic images not only look great on a virtual tour, but look very good when displayed with your marketing literature, be it on a flyer, business card, or long postcard, you can clearly demonstrate the space and decor your business has to offer. 360 Degree panoramas can also be used to make stunning stereographic images and displayed on the wall as a fine art print, or printed on to geometric shapes and even lampshades !